cruZer Beard&Head

How to get the “badass” look with cruZer beard&head


In addition to trimming your full beard, keeping your designer stubble in check or shaping any other style, the cruZer beard&head is great for getting a cool “badass” look. Just combine a shaved head with a one-day beard and trim it every day.

Lean Rock step 1
1. To maintain this style after growing a sexy designer stubble, set the cruZer beard&head to the closest setting. Trim your hair every day to keep your stubble from sprouting into a full beard. Don’t forget to use the cruZer beard&head’s styling functionality to give your stubble precise contours and keep it looking tidy.
Lean Rock step 2
2. To complete the look, clip your hair to a short crop. This is not only a low-maintenance hairstyle, but also goes perfectly with a nice designer stubble. Of course you can also use the cruZer beard&head’s styling functionality to shave some cool patterns or lines into your close crop.
Lean Rock step 3
3. As a perfect combination of a light hint of facial hair and a closely cropped hairstyle, this look works perfectly for all kinds of different styles, depending on how you wear it. From rugged to refined or sexy – this hot combo is a hassle-free and cool look that will express your individuality in an intriguing way.

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