How wide should my goatee be?


Don’t let your goatee run riot all your face. Craig the Barber explains the correct width for the perfect goatee.

Ever looked at someone sporting a goatee and wonder why it looks like the facial hair has taken over nearly half his face? It appears too wide to be a goatee, but it’s not quite a beard, either: it’s a prime example of a good goatee gone bad.

This is a style that should never own your face, it should only enhance it. And when it comes to a goatee there is such a thing as “too much!”

Of course there are many guys who absolutely win at rocking this style. But the ones that lose, lose big. And clearly the choice of allowing the goatee to wear you and not the other way around is just asking for an intervention!

Here’s the bottom line

The goal of wearing a goatee is to make sure that the overall size never overpowers your face. The best way of preventing this is by controlling the width. Because the wider the goatee, the fuller the face will appear. Not to mention, it will also appear like a cover-up and no longer a style, further diminishing its enhancing capabilities.

So what do you do to keep everything in order? Well, there’s an easy trick that I’ve found to work for all face shapes: never allow the beard to stretch beyond the iris of the eyes.

This practice will allow the face to always appear slimmer, while also creating proper symmetrical balance. Now what you do with the rest of the beard is clearly up to you. But, I do know one thing… it’s much easier to play around once the boundaries have been set.
Good goatee - Bad goatee