Blades of Glory: Brooklyn, NYC


New York, New York… Shave your style hits the streets to find the freshest cuts in the city. First up in this two part series, three of the best barbershops in Brooklyn: Stepping Razor, Tom Cats and Brooklyn’s General Barbershop

Most Hip Joint: Stepping Razor

Most Hip Joint: Stepping Razor
Want a cut while salivating over a new fixed-wheel bike? Or perhaps get your beard trimmed as your BMX gets a service? Get yourself down to Stepping Razor, where Danny Baptista will not only give you a fine service but will also fill you in on the local neighborhood music scene. Stepping Razor is hidden in the back of Post BMX shop, in the quiet, Latino neighbourhood of Bushwick. Danny’s gaff was named after the Peter Tosh track of the same name, and Danny’s other job is as front man of punk reggae group ‘The Cool and the Deadly’. “But there’s nothin’ special about me – half my family are barbers and musicians!” explains Danny. He opened his shop early in 2010. “I’d been touring with the band for years, and then I had a kid, so it was time to make some money” he explains of his move back into his first trade.

Danny, you say Bushwick’s home to artists, musicians and hipsters. But look – I’m a bumbling Englishman who’s just stepped off a plane. What exactly is a hipster?
Well, hipsters have got a negative image these days – the word was kind of resurrected in the late 1990s. But really, ‘hipsters’ came into being in the 40s. A hipster was someone who was in the know, a part of the alternative scenes. They were into jazz and clubs, and I guess it got carried into the Beatnik generations. It probably died out a bit with the hippies and the disco sh*t of the 70s.
OK – thanks for clearing that up. So can you tell us about the beards of Bushwick?
Yeah a lot of people come in wanting their beards styling. In the last two years it’s got really popular.
Most Hip Joint: Stepping Razor
And the most popular style?
Around here, particularly the lumberjack beard. I try and keep it looking full, trimming round the ears, fading the hair in at the sides and back with the beard is tricky – you have to take care around the temples.

PRICES: Haircut: $20. Beard trim: Extra
IN THE NEXT CHAIR: Probably some hip young dude just like you, but he’ll be waiting for you to get done – Danny’s a sole trader running the shop on his own.
CONTACT: Stepping Razor Barbershop / 257 Varet St / tel: 917 586 7710 / search Facebook