Shaver endurance test

Defining new standards of quality


Safety, functionality, performance, usability, reliability, and durability are what consumers and trade customers demand and receive in products developed by P&G’s Global Center of Excellence for Devices. Along with the broad range of innovative ideas, attractive design and high-quality finish, the superior quality of the products greatly enhances their appeal.

X-raying fully assembled devices, virtual fall test with CAD simulations, irons endurance test
Quality assurance specialists are involved in the development of a product right from the start. In the Quality Innovation Center they maintain uncompromising high standards and often raise them to a new level.

Consumers rightly expect their appliance to be long-lasting and function perfectly for many years. To ensure this, P&G’s Global Center of Excellence for Devices has developed special endurance tests. The devices run in repeated time-lapse cycles, during which all aspects – from switch, through lacquering, to electronics – undergo automatic reliability checks.
Quality Innovation Center Kronberg
Simulating these tests is not easy. Irons have to cover a distance of 350 km without malfunction to satisfy the testers. Water kettles have to boil as much as 10,000 litres of water, and hand mixers knead 100 portions of dough. To test the pivoting of shaver heads, for instance, the testers have chosen a special kind of leather used in car seats as a substitute for male facial skin. To ensure non-destructive weak-point analysis, the Quality Innovation Center even uses computer tomography: it X-rays fully assembled devices, highlighting the slightest deviations from the norm.

And as a matter of course, quality control and assurance plays a major role on the assembly lines during mass production.