Satin Hair

Braun Satin Hair questions & answers:


How long should I straighten my hair for?

For best results spend no more than two seconds in one spot.

What is the right temperature for straightening my hair?

Research has shown that temperatures above 200°C may alter the protein structure of your hair, causing permanent damage. The right temperature depends on your hair type. For professional results, we recommend:
130°C – 160°C for fine, fragile hair
160°C – 180°C for normal, coloured hair
180°C – 200°C for thick, coarse hair

My hair is very fine and gets "clingy" – won’t blow-drying make this worse?

Actually, drying your hair with a Braun hair dryer with IONTEC will neutralize the static responsible for this. The Satin Hair 7 dryer and Satin Hair 7 Colour dryer have a feature that releases a stream of negatively charged ions to attract the positively charged ones in your hair. These eliminate clinginess and leave your hair with a smooth, silky shine. The new Satin Hair 7 brush also contains this feature allowing you to tame frizz on the go.

Can I use styling appliances even though I have split ends?

If you have split ends visit your stylist for a trim. However, Braun's Satin Hair styling appliances do offer optimum protection against damage and professional styling results.

Can I straighten my hair while it’s damp?

You can cause severe damage to your hair if you style it while it’s damp so always dry your hair thoroughly first.

What if I accidentally curl a wrong strand with the curling tool?

Just spray with water, blow-dry and re-style.

Is it true that curly hair should not be blow-dried?

That’s a myth. Blow-drying can enhance curly hair’s natural shine and texture.

I’ve heard that too much brushing can damage hair?

The friction associated with brushing can cause damage so it’s important to reduce this. Braun’s Satin Hair 7 brush has seamless bristles with an ultra smooth shape and surface, enabling gentle separation of the hair fibres.

How can I reach longer lasting results?

First dry your hair with a blow-dryer which leaves your hair with enough moisture. Then style, curl or straighten away!

What do I need to be aware of when styling coloured hair?

Coloured hair is more prone to damage because the structure has been changed during colouring. Studies show coloured hair loses its brilliance at higher temperatures. The Satin Hair 7 colour straightener, curler and dryer from Braun can easily be set at the right styling temperature for your hair.

What’s an ion?

An Ion is an atom or group of atoms that carries a positive or negative electric charge as a result of having lost or gained one or more electrons.

What’s the difference between active & passive ions?

While passive ions simply sit on the hair’s surface, active ions are able to penetrate the hair strands to help fight static, transport moisture back inside and restore shine.