Female Grooming
  • Silk-épil epilatorsSilk-épil epilators

    Silk-épil epilators let you enjoy feeling beautiful with irresistibly smooth skin for up to 4 weeks!

  • Silk-épil lady shaverSilk-épil lady shaver

    Double care for smooth, radiant skin.

    Braun Silk-épil epilators and Silk-épil lady shaver - for your beautiful legs and perfectly smooth skin.

    female grooming
    Smooth and delicate skin on the legs is part of virtually every woman's beauty ideal. Hair in the "wrong" places is a real no-no for women who want to look their best. Hair removal is part of contemporary beauty care.

    In fact, cosmetic hair removal has been important to women for thousands of years. Women used to remove hair with mussel shells or sharpened stones; they mixed ointments and tweaked and plucked… until more advanced techniques arrived to make smoothness easier to achieve. Today, hair removal can be much more comfortable.

    Braun, the beauty expert, here presents its extensive product range for beautiful legs and perfectly smooth skin - along with comprehensive information about the art of cosmetic hair removal.
    Silk-épil epilators
    Silky smooth skin for up to 4 weeks - with three different product lines for gentle hair removal at the root.
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    Silk-épil lady shaver
    For perfect and thorough hair removal on the skin surface.
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    Beautiful legs made easy
    All you ever wanted to know about cosmetic hair removal.
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