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The Braun Silk-épil 7 range is creating a buzz not only with consumers, but celebrities and beauty magazine editors alike.

Read what singer, songwriter Sofie Winterson has to say about Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa:

Sofie Winterson
"The combination of using the exfoliation brush and the epilator makes my skin feel really really soft!"

Read what top model Maria Gregersen says:

Read what the celebrities are saying
"This product fits brilliantly into my usual beauty routine because it’s cordless and works in water. So, whether I’m having an indulgent bath or a quick shower, the warm water soothes and relaxes my skin so the experience is even gentler.”

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What's the perfect beauty combination? 
See for yourself as Dermatologist Dr. Brazzini highlights the benefits of combining exfoliation and epilation and how Braun Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa lets you do both with one easy to use tool.

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What are the benefits of wet epilation?
Dr. Brazzini reveals the secrets of wet epilation and why its one of the latest beauty trends you won't want to miss!

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Dr. Petra Staubach, dermatologist and skin care expert
Some epilators have an integrating finishing blade. What’s the benefit of this feature?

Dr. Petra Staubach, dermatologist and skin care expert:

“Epilation removes hairs directly from the root so that they grow back finely and only re-appear after several weeks. Silk-épil’s dual epilator combines a secondary removal technique in the form of an integrated blade. The Silk-épil epilator slows down hair growth to give skin a clean and smooth finish. And the Gillette Venus technology in the integrated blade, not only removes any residual hairs for perfectly smooth skin, but also encourages renewal of the stratum corneum by removing dead skin cells. New, youthful-looking skin is instantly uncovered, giving a truly visible difference that other methods of hair removal can not achieve in isolation.”

What makes Dr. Staubach Braun’s leading skin care expert?