Braun Satin Hair™ hair straightener and hair dryer - for your healthy, shiny hair.


It has never been this easy before to style your hair perfectly without putting its health at risk. You can now achieve any desired look – safely and comfortably, at home or wherever you want.

Big eyes, full lips and a seductive glance guarantee male attention? Perhaps. But other things count too. A recent study commissioned by Braun has shown that healthy, shiny hair is a woman's real secret weapon. Isn't that reason enough to pay more attention to your hair?

But - careful! Recent studies have confirmed that our hair can act up under strain. Being washed 156 times per year on average, combed 7,300 times and exposed to sunlight 208 days in the year is a burden. Overstressed hair is dry and brittle and loses its shine. And damage caused by styling is the most important reason. Hair can lose moisture during drying, straightening and brushing, and its protective outer layer can be damaged.

But that doesn't need to happen. Braun hair styling appliances protect the health of your hair and prevent hair damage. Their unique technologies make hair shiny and smooth again. Select your favourite from our wide range of hair dryers, straighteners and curlers. And benefit from comprehensive background information about healthy hair.
Satin Hair™ 3 Straightener

Braun Satin Hair™ 3 Straightener

Braun’s wide Satin Hair™ 3 Straightener is ideal for medium to long hair, super-convenient to use and always on hand for perfect results in no time. You will wonder how you ever lived without it.
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Satin Hair™ 3 Dryer

Braun Satin Hair™ 3 Dryer

Dry your hair without drying it out! Braun’s Satin Hair™ 3 Dryer has all the power you need for great styles and efficient styling – combined with the gentle protection that keeps your hair looking shiny and healthy, every day!
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