Braun Design

The strength of pure


The overarching theme of the Braun brand today, “The strength of pure,” is rooted in over half a century of modern design. Starting in 1955, the Braun brothers, Fritz Eichler and Dieter Rams pioneered a new direction, and the resulting products introduced “good design” into our everyday lives. Certainly Braun products have evolved over the decades in appearance and technology, but the brand’s core values of functionality, quality and aesthetics are as relevant today as they were, when Braun design was born.

Good design for Braun means creating meaningful products that people enjoy using – products that are highly functional, intuitive to use and enduring. We focus on design that creates a positive product experience, not just the first time, but over many years of use in the bathroom, the kitchen or in other environments. Our design must stand the test of time visually and fulfill our high quality standards.

The new Satin Hair brush exemplifies our design thinking: first, we learned how people use current products and spoke to them about their needs. We then proceeded to create an innovative product that combines the new with the known: a brush with IONTEC technology that reduces static and friction and gives hair more shine and smoothness. It fits in any handbag, is intuitive to use and integrates meaningful “invisible” technology into the archetypical design of a brush.

The brush also demonstrates our visual design approach at Braun: a balance of geometry and ergonomics. Geometric touch points connect the user with the technology in a precise and functional manner. On our handheld products, this technical precision is balanced with ergonomic freeform shapes: dynamic “flowing” forms and lines with smooth, integrated surfaces that feel very comfortable in the hand and are enjoyable to hold and use. The brand theme “The strength of pure” is based on Braun’s past design tradition, but it is at the same time a springboard to take Braun design into the future.

Professor Oliver Grabes, Head of Braun Design