The finishing touches

So, now that you’ve got the hair removal finished, how do you make the most of that sleek, smooth new skin you’ve revealed? We can help.

The finishing touches

Skin will only look ultra-smooth if it can trap in as much moisture as possible, so it’s important to exfoliate skin with a body scrub once a week. Remember the exfoliating action continues as you rub your skin to rinse away the grains, so make sure you spend a good few minutes in the shower rinsing off.

The quickest way to lock moisture into your skin? With a body oil, applied within 5 minutes of getting out of the shower. Not only will an oil keep your skin beautifully hydrated, it will add a gorgeous sheen to your skin, too. A body lotion is a great alternative.

Pay particular attention to dry areas like elbows, knees and heels when you’re exfoliating. Even if the rest of your body is super-smooth, the sight of any dry, cracked or flaky skin will do nothing for the overall impression of sleek, sexy skin.

If your skin looks dull and you’re going out, reach for a body lotion with a hint of sparkle – it will hydrate your skin and also ‘lift’ your skin tone, catching the light and giving the impression of soft, healthy skin (shimmering body lotions look particularly lovely on tanned skin, too).