satin-hair curler

Satin-Hair curlers: enjoy healthy, bouncy curls with radiant shine


Be yourself, be beautiful! Enjoy the style you always wanted. Braun will support you in creating the latest looks. The premium curlers Satin-Hair 7 curler and Satin-Hair 7 Colour curler were invented to leave you looking gorgeous and to lift your spirits. Just create the look you want – and feel great. It’s you that matters.

Discover the Satin-Hair curler range

Braun Satin-Hair curler

Satin-Hair 7 Colour curler

Satin-Hair 7 Colour curler: Healthier curls with longer lasting colour vibrancy

Satin-Hair 7 curler

Satin-Hair 7 curler: Shiny healthy looking curls