Science of healthy hairstyling

The science behind healthy hairstyling


The foundation to any great style is healthy hair. When hair is healthy, it is more flexible, more bouncy, and takes shape easily. All Braun styling appliances are designed to protect your hair’s health and leave you with a great foundation.

Whether it’s the heat adaption technology in SensoCare or the active ions in IONTEC or the colour saver in Satin-Hair Colour, discover the secrets of Braun’s healthy hairstyling technologies here!

sensocare technology

SensoCare technology

Ultimate heat protection for perfect results. Discover SensoCare’s temperature adaption to keep your hair healthy-looking and take styling to the limit.
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Colour saver technology

Colour saver technology

Minimize damage and fading of coloured hair. Learn how Colour Saver technology with IONTEC protects your coloured hair and leaves it shiny and smooth!
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More healthy hair features

More healthy hair features

In addition to active ions, all IONTEC products have technological attributes that leave you with ultimate, healthy shine – features such as super smooth ceramic plates, precise heat regulation (straightener), seamless bristles (brush, airstylers) and satin protect temperature regulation (dryer).
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Celebrating healthy hairstyling

Celebrating healthy hairstyling

Only strong hair radiates shine and maintains its flexible structure leading to that healthy look. With Braun’s expert help, your hair will not only look and feel great, it’ll be easier to manage too.
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