Consumer Product Research Cente - Household

Touching and improving consumer lives


At Braun it is consumers who have the final say! Their habits, needs, desires and visions for the future are central to our work. They define the criteria what “excellence” exactly means.

Therefore the product development process is consumer-centric: consumers are involved from start to finish. Experts interview hundreds of test participants per month about new trends, ideas or products in the areas Male + Female Grooming, Hair Care, Oral Care and Household. Almost 600 employees – more than 80% of them university-educated specialists – then develop and design a broad range of technologies and devices for Braun, but also for other P&G brands such as Duracell, Gillette and Oral-B.

Clinical studies based on international standards
They work at P&G’s Global Center of Excellence for Devices which is located in the small German town of Kronberg near Frankfurt and the German P&G Headquarters in Schwalbach.

The spinal cord of P&G’s Global Center of Excellence for Devices is the on-site Consumer Product Research Center (CPRC). It even includes a dental clinic, which conducts clinical studies based on international standards.
Test and engage with real consumers
All products must delight consumers, fascinate them and offer functionality at highest quality. Dedicated teams of engineers and scientists in R&D, Engineering and in the Quality Innovation Center give their best to live up to the legendary quality and reliability associated with brands such as Braun and Oral-B that exemplify the prestigious trademark “Made in Germany”.